Tahiti trouble in the jungle-disco

As well as what he sees there, he likes above all. “They market at some point all the animals from the forest. From midday to night. On the stunning coast of the island is no location for them to celebrate. They would certainly not only go a lot more people on your nerves, yet also scare away the travelers. The Tahitians with only a sarong, the short skirt of the citizens, and a chain of wild boar teeth. His body is embellished with the standard tattoos of the island. If it were up to him, then had the event individuals currently apprehended. However the authorities not do anything. The factor for Teiva knows: “The children of the mayor of my village are in charge of the sound down there. ”

The children of the mayor, on the other hand, are down at the tiny dust road that runs close to the River. They offered a huge speaker boxes, the power supply for its spruced up Japanese SUVs. Reggae alternates with techno as well as rap. About 20 young men and also ladies have collected ahead. They are also tattooed. Their cultural designs no longer originate from Tahiti, yet from the United States. It is with kid and also beer container bathed in Papenoo, on the banks of smoked, smoked a joint or simply responded his head to the growing bass. And a few of the rowdies all the time driving his motorbike along the river roaring. Teivas family lived in the valley for generations, and right here has many stories. He accumulates once more just a new residence on a steep mountain incline. When he is completed, after that he wants to let the noise no more supply. Up until now, he and his pals every so often just obstructs the way, says Teiva. His uncle has recently demonstrated. That marched with his weapon abruptly to the valley – and also blew up the boxes of the instigators.